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For more than 85 years, we offer quality leather goods to our customers. Our design and know-how give us the possibility to fulfill customer requests for beautiful modern and stylish leather bags and purses for generations. You will love our purses and bags and want to have more of it!

Rogner Creation fascinates me with new designs and bright variety of bags and purses. Rogner offers always the newest and coolest leather pieces. I am happy, that now I have the possibility to shop the Rogner products online. Many famous women appriciate the quality and timeless design and name of Rogner Creation. I am proud to be also a part of it!

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About Us

Josef Rogner

Owner and passionate leather goods manufacturer in 3. generation

Rogner - leather goods manufacturer - a family business that has been setting international standards and guidelines for now 87 years. We will continue our efforts to justify or gain your trust.


Our online shop is open for YOU 7 days / 24 hours. 

Head Office

Austria, 2331 Vösendorf, Klausengasse 24/6